proJect 8

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On June 19,2021, our lives were forever changed. Jarrett Allen, our beloved son, was involved in a tragic drowning accident. He gained his wings and went to his eternal, heavenly home on June 20, 2021 at the age of 7.


To say this has been the most difficult thing we have faced is an understatement. Each day brings different emotions, but we allow ourselves to ride out whatever wave is handed to us that day. Our prayer, as Jarrett's parents, is that the Lord will help us find joy in the midst of the pain.


Jarrett (J-man) had such a tender, loving heart, but especially for the needy. One day he gave me 8 dollars to hold onto and give to someone in need, but unfortunately, that day never happened for our sweet boy. One day while going to lunch with my dear friend, Ashley, I could feel the nudge from the Lord saying "give this gentleman Jarrett's 8 dollars", so I obeyed. It has been on my heart to carry items in my car to give to the needy. Blessing bags came to my mind and I thought, "what better way to be the hands and feet of Jesus and honor our son." The light shined and our prayer had been answered...this is one way we can find JOY in the midst of pain.


Our mission is that proJect 8 will help those who are in desperate need of a blessing and better yet to draw near or become followers of Jesus Christ.


Ashley Ruffin, Stacey Reynolds, and I would be so appreciative of any donations that would help serve our community and the Lord. May God bless you!


All my love,

Emily Allen

Winter Item List:

Hot hands

Hand sanitizer/wipes

Feminine products



Hooded plastic ponchos

Dry packaged snacks

Non perishible food items

Bottled water

Drawsting bags

* All donations can be dropped off inside the doors at Blue Yoga Nyla on the bookshelf. Located at 3801 JFK Blvd. North Little Rock