Senior Adults

The YogaBLUEprint: Senior Adults (Advanced Age & Living)

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Assisted Mobility Freedom

Students have found freedom from canes, walkers, and independence from a wheelchair.

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Enhanced Brain Function

Brain functioning and cognition is enhanced as these "keenagers" move through a sequence activating both hemispheres of the brain. "Superbrain" yoga is a part of every class.

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Strength, Flexibility, Balance

Designed to address inflexibility, limited range of motion, and weak musculature. Every area of the body is integrated with an emphasis on core and quadriceps strength as a way to generate balance and stability during transitions.

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The practice is facilitated from a chair and includes pranayama, meditation, guided imagery, and asana.

IAYT Approved

Our Advanced Age & Living program is IAYT Approved, meaning we are a nationally recognized program, and we can bring our program to senior facilities in Arkansas. In 2020, our program was even awarded the Seva award - an award given to therapists who bring yogic practices to unserved populations.

A Proven Practice for Senior Adults

The YogaBLUEprint for Advanced Age & Living is a proven practice for senior adults to cultivate strength and stability for balance and freedom from assisted mobility. A class spanning over decades boasts many students that did not begin their yoga journey until their mid-seventies. Over 20 years later, they are still walking in to practice twice a week, with the eldest being 104 years of age. Here are some of the benefits our senior adults experience:

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• Opens an arena of accessibility for senior adults and individuals with severe physical limitations — non-ambulatory students

• Helps students unable to navigate getting up and down from the floor

• Addresses tender and compromised joints while encouraging vital oxygen and blood flow before the feet ever hit the ground

• Creates diversity for a wide range of practitioners that are otherwise restricted or bed-bound

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