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Yoga therapy is a personal journey targeting specific areas of illness, injury, and disease in the body, mind, and spirit. Our story, our past, our pain, our wounds, lead us where we stand today. Through this process, we will be able to identify how our pain and past dwell in the physical body because of anxiety, depression, and disease. By shedding light on these areas, we free ourselves to replace pain with joy, loss with love, and illness with healing. This is the beauty of the work, as we go on a journey back to the beginning of our life, and discover how it has led us to who we are today.  

“Yoga continues to change my life every day and has since the day I began  teaching over 20 years ago. Whether you are wanting to train to teach or deepen your own knowledge and practice,  it is a privilege to be considered to walk with you on this path.

I have made a commitment to teach those who share my heartfelt mission to serve the walking wounded. By training you, we are offering my sincere and genuine approach to those people I could not reach alone.”

Stacey Reynolds
President and Lead Educator
Blue Yoga Nyla and Blue Yoga Nyla Yoga School
Stacey Reynolds in a yoga pose

What We Offer

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200 Hour Teacher Training

300 Hour Teacher Training

(Prerequisite: 200 Hour RYT)

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What You’ll Learn

Learn through: Discussion, Lecture, Small Group Work, Anatomy of the Pose,  Assisting and Adjusting, Teachbacks, Final Practicum, Personalized Feedback

• Yoga Principles and Philosophy
• Teaching Methodology
• Tailoring the Experience  
• Adapting to Special Populations
• Effective Prop Use
• Anatomy & Physiology
• Introduction to Subtle Body and Ayurveda
• Advancing Sense of Self
• Authentic, Purposeful, and Practical Tools

Stacey Reynolds teaching other yoga instructors
Yoga instructors training

Training Benefits

When you enroll in our yoga school, we truly focus on giving you the best experience possible. It’s about so much more than just the classes; we offer you mentorship, encouragement, opportunity, and community.

• Mentorship from Stacey Reynolds, 20+ Years of Experience as a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist, with a passion to ​foster ​each ​unique ​voice ​and ​personality

• Opportunity to observe, participate, and/or assist in public studio classes during training weekends

• Unlimited Yoga Membership throughout training included in the program cost

• Community-driven, encouraging environment

Interested in Enrolling?

Hear from our Graduates

“Blue Yoga Nyla was voted the best yoga studio in Central Arkansas. I believe the yoga school is also the best of the best. The depth of knowledge and skills gained included anatomy, philosophy, language, and more. I feel well prepared for the next steps in my yoga journey.”
-Laura Hendrix, 500 RYT, 300 Hour BYN Teacher Training Graduate, BYN Staff

Hear from our Graduates

“This 200 hour teacher training was life changing. The education I received was exceptional and necessary to be able to instruct others in a safe manner. This training was comprehensive. I gained so much insight and knowledge about how to live yoga and how to share with others. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who desires to be a yoga instructor or for anyone who wants to deepen their own knowledge and personal yoga practice.”
-Carol Skiba, 200 RYT, 200 Hour BYN Teacher Training Graduate

Hear from our Graduates

“The training I received from Stacey Reynolds at Blue Yoga Nyla was exceptional. I had hands on training to help diversify my teaching and knowledge. The training materials I have will help me as I continue my studies and research for meeting needs for my students.”
-Cyndi Gregory, 500 RYT, 300 Hour BYN Teacher Training Graduate

Hear from our Graduates

“My teacher training experience at Blue Yoga Nyla was incredible. The atmosphere was welcoming, and Stacey really took the time to dive deep into the material and make sure everyone was comfortable and confident in their knowledge and ability to teach. She was patient and encouraging, and her wealth of knowledge and openness with the students was invaluable. I have no doubts that Blue Yoga Nyla teacher training was the right path for me.”
-Amy Gordy, 200 RYT, 200 Hour BYN Teacher Training Graduate, BYN Staff

Hear from our Graduates

"BYN was a haven for me. From the first day of training the staff and our training group made me feel comfortable and equipped me with all the skills I need to be a successful yoga teacher. I cannot thank them enough for helping me break through walls to stand with a class and not be hesitant or unsteady. While each RYT program is different in their training styles this one was the perfect fit for me."
-Amelia Jaeger, 200 RYT, 200 Hour BYN Teacher Training Graduate