The YogaBLUEprint: SoulChild

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Mental & Academic Impact

High stress levels can negatively impact the learning process. Yoga can help kids find focus so that they can more easily retain knowledge. Maintaining focus during a yoga flow can transfer to improved attentiveness during school, homework, and other extracurricular activities.

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Physical Development

Children develop strength and flexibility while gaining body awareness and motor skills. They come to learn what it truly means to "listen to your body."

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Community & Social Promotion

By exploring yoga in small groups, kids feel more "a part of" than "apart from.” Children learn to successfully navigate emotions in order to build and maintain relationships.

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Emotional Regulation

This unique blueprint gives children a tangible resource to discard their energy and learn to nurture one 's one ability to self-soothe.

Specialized Groups




Pilot Program: Children in Therapy Diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder

This is our program designed for children with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. We offer classes with different age groups of children, ages 6-15, and we teach coping skills for handling stressful situations at school, peer groups, bullying, learning difficulty, and social disorders.

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• Fun, high energy classes to manage effects of ADHD so children can better settle and eventually find stillness and relaxation.

• Small group work and learning to support differences among a highly sensitive age group. Group discussion about joys, fears, frustrations, and anxieties on a weekly basis.

• Team building exercises and opportunities for children to develop leadership skills and self-confidence in leading portions of the practice.

• Learning opportunities through the Yamas and Niyamas, which are our moral and universal obligations, according to ancient yoga philosophy, sanskrit "word of the day.”

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