Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is a personal journey targeting specific areas of illness, injury, and disease in the body, mind, and spirit. Our story, our past, our pain, our wounds, lead us where we stand today. Through this process, we will be able to identify how our pain and past dwell in the physical body because of anxiety, depression, and disease. By shedding light on these areas, we free ourselves to replace pain with joy, loss with love, and illness with healing. This is the beauty of the work, as we go on a journey back to the beginning of our life, and discover how it has led us to who we are today.  

Is Yoga Therapy right for me? How is it different?

Yoga Therapy is for anyone and everyone. Our clients range from children to senior adults and every age in between. Sometimes we know something is not quite right in our bodies, but we don’t know how to address it. Unaddressed tension and stress can lead to illness, disease, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, and spiritual disconnect. Yoga therapy allows individuals to address that disconnect.

Does Yoga Therapy conflict with my spiritual beliefs?

We welcome people of all beliefs to experience Yoga Therapy. We don’t push anything on our clients and believe everyone connects and believes differently. How you experience the spiritual side of Yoga Therapy is completely up to you!

Stacey Reynolds teaching yoga therapy

Meet the Yoga Therapists

Stacey Reynolds smiling at the camera, recalling her own yoga therapy journey

Stacey Reynolds

Private Yoga Therapy

Addressing “dis”-ease in the body, mind, and spirit

Stacey's yoga journey began in 1997. Suffering from chronic illness, she had been confined to a chair for almost two years as her body became toxic. Due to the physical suffering , her life -long battle with depression and anxiety hit a new low. She credits "something greater than herself" in guiding her to the healing possibilities of yoga. She began practicing and almost immediately began to heal. Her motivation in her own personal practice as well as in her teaching of others focuses on such healing.

Stacey specializes in trauma, grief, and addiction in her private practice.  She travels to facilities, reaching those who would not otherwise be able to practice, working alongside doctors and mental health professionals to address the person as a whole. She brings a personalized, therapeutic approach to each individual in the healing process.

Introducing "The Work"

Stacey is now offering "The Work." This offering can be described as a unique and intuitive experience to address the body, mind, and spirit through prayer and moving energy.

“What I see happen in that tiny office goes beyond words. I have seen pain that was unimaginable, pouring from people, as well as being a witness to healing that I didn't even know was possible...I serve the walking wounded, and if you are hurting in any capacity longing for freedom, you have come exactly to the right place.”

- Stacey

Anna Koehler teaches private yoga therapy

Anna Koehler

Private Yoga Therapy

Sharing Stacey Reynolds' Individualized Approach

Anna’s journey to yoga began in a desperate search for healing. Anxiety and depression during her freshman year of college quickly became unmanageable and escalated into a mental health crisis. In-patient hospitalizations, psychologists, psychiatrists, and medications without sustainable improvement, it was clear something was missing.

Yoga therapy was the essential piece that changed everything for Anna. After walking into Blue Yoga Nyla and meeting Yoga Therapist, Stacey Reynolds, she found something that conventional methods hadn’t provided her when she needed it most: hope. Through yoga therapy, Anna acquired tools to heal through the power of the breath, movement to release stored emotions, and self inquiry to cultivate awareness, which together created a catalyst for healing.

"It is so special to be able to share the same work that began and transformed my own healing journey. I felt not only a profound gratitude for the work, but a newfound responsibility to share it...I share for the person currently struggling in the dark. I share because hope for others is far more powerful than the discomfort and risk of vulnerability.”

- Anna

Yoga Therapy Testimonials

“Stacey has a unique ability to sense and understand your struggles and she leads you to your best spiritual self. It’s not always simple, but if you are willing to explore yourself and challenge certain expectations you may find a beautiful adventure that you may have otherwise suppressed due to conformity.  Open your mind, listen to your heart (which includes God) and you can identify your divine purpose.”

Yoga Therapy Testimonials

“After spending over nine years in traditional therapy, I was referred to Stacey for yoga therapy. It has been life-changing.  BYN has taught me that yoga is so much more than movement. Not only have I overcome musculoskeletal issues, I have had an amazing emotional and spiritual growth thanks to Stacey and her amazing staff. Stacey’s approach to yoga is a full comprehensive approach that has opened my eyes to so many amazing perspectives. The spiritual journey that I have been through has been amazing. My connection with God has an intimacy I did not understand before yoga.”

Yoga Therapy Testimonials

“BYN has contributed to the process of a life change necessary for me to move forward in my personal growth and living a more fulfilled life, the life I so desire.  Resetting at 55 in healthy ways seemed impossible.  With the help of Stacey Reynolds, I now see the possibilities of happiness and fulfillment within the final third of my life.  Hope, optimism and joy are now words I frequently use again.”

FAQs About Yoga Therapy

Who is yoga therapy right for?

Yoga Therapy is for anyone and everyone. Clients range from children to senior adults and every age in between. Sometimes we are unable to identify what is causing a sense of discomfort. We know something is not quite right but cannot identify a cause. Unaddressed tension and stress can lead to illness, disease, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, and spiritual disconnect. Yoga therapy allows individuals to “uncover, discover and discard”, while working with their own unique story.

Yoga therapy can serve as an adjunct therapy to address those experiencing: 
Disease or "dis-ease" in body, mind, or spirit 
• Trauma
• Helping Professions/Caregiver Roles
• Addiction"-isms": Alcoholism, Perfectionism, Workaholism, Codependency
• Stress, Emotional Dysregulation 
• Mental Health Conditions:  Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, ADHD, Eating Disorders
• Physical Conditions: Traumatic Brain Injury, Autoimmune Diseases, Cancer, Obesity, IBS, Insomnia, Musculoskeletal problems, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes
• Spiritual Disconnect
• Relationship Complexities
• Grief/Loss
• Illness Support
• Chronic pain

How long is a yoga therapy session?

Each session is approximately 1 hour long. A new client intake is 1.15 hour as we discuss what needs we will be addressing: physical, mental, emotional, or all of the above.

What is the difference between a yoga teacher and a yoga therapist?  What is the difference between a yoga therapist and other health practitioners?

While yoga classes have a therapeutic effect for many, a yoga teacher is tasked with teaching yoga which is often taught within a certain system, in a group setting, and trained to teach yoga classes that are primarily a physical practice. 

Yoga therapists are trained in the therapeutic application of yoga to specific “dis”-ease states, and customized to the individual. The IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) has set standards that have a minimum training time of 800 hours for Yoga Therapists. This is in addition to the prerequisite of a 200-hour yoga teacher training.

*Yoga Therapists do not take the place of your doctor, mental health provider, physical therapist, chiropractor, etc or any other licensed healthcare provider. This relationship is different, as the yoga therapist and client work together as “partners in healing”. A yoga therapist may listen to understand a condition, medications, and other therapies being used, to get a better feel for how we fit into the equation of your healing, but we do not diagnose. The role of the yoga therapist is to teach individuals how to apply Yogic principles to achieve a particular spiritual, psychological, or physiological outcome.