Stacey Reynolds

Stacey Reynolds is the president and operator of Blue Yoga Nyla Inc. and BYN Registered Yoga School. She is an ERYT500, C-IAYT, RPYT, and RCYT. Her own journey to yoga originated from a place of healing. There was something about the practice that was vital to her breaking free from health issues and a lifelong history of anxiety and depression. 


The practice was never about the shapes Stacey could put her body in, or the elaborate poses that some work so hard to master. It was always about moving energy; moving energy into under-investigated places in her being, and letting go of what no longer serves her. Stacey's mat was a sanctuary and her practice a holy experience. 


Blue Yoga Nyla Inc. serves to bring yoga to those who need it, regardless of their ability to pay or experience level. We are a non-competitive, safe space, located in the heart of North Little Rock. We offer a large variety of classes so there is something for every body. Everyone brings something different to the mat and we all have something to offer.     


Each of Blue Yoga Nyla's [Inc.] teachers has a unique gift and style. A love for the practice and the student can be felt as they offer thoughtful asanas for you on your mat.

"It truly is a sanctuary. I felt at home the second I walked in. The instructors are amazing and it feels as though the students are there to heal and be dedicated to their practice." 

- BYN Student

"Stacey and her staff are loving and the space is very comfortable. If it is your first time please come by. They always have a light on for you." 

- BYN Student


Suzi is an RYT200, and has been teaching yoga for several years.  She has a BSE in Early Childhood Education, and an MS in Kinesiology/Physical education. After 25 years of teaching elementary and university levels, Suzi retired. She feels that "once a teacher, always a teacher" rings true for her, and now she can concentrate on teaching what she loves - yoga!! Her hope is that more people can fall in love with movement as she has.  


Sara Caroline

Experiencing yoga as both student and teacher is a perfect example of the yoga journey to Sara Caroline. The journey through the 

Eightfold Path is endless, and we all struggle as well as celebrate it. We are a family.

Sara Caroline is a certified Yin Yoga teacher, and Reiki practitioner. She is also a Y12SR leader in the12 Step Process in addition to her E-RYT200 and YACEP certifications.


Anna's yoga journey began at BYN when she began yoga therapy. Yoga was the only way she could completely calm her mind, while moving the negative energy out of her body. It allowed her to find new perspectives, optimism, and hope. She grew a deep gratitude for the practice, and found her inner strength.  Anna completed her 200 hour teacher training in hopes to encourage students to conquer their darkness, so they too, can shine their light. 



Ashley has been meeting her mat since the spring of 2013. She struggled with weight and self esteem issues for most of her adult life. On her journey to become healthier inside and out, she tried different things, but nothing really fit until she discovered yoga.  

As an RYT200, her teaching style centers around body positive moment, with focus on making it accessible for anyone willing to practice.  She is passionate about sharing that all shapes and sizes can practice yoga.


Karen first walked into a yoga studio in 1998 while on a photo assignment for the statewide newspaper, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. After multiple photo shoots at the studio, the owner invited her to a free class. She was hooked. She’s been on the mat ever since. BYN has been her yoga home since 2014. Karen loves not only what yoga does for the body, but also for the mind and spirit. 


Karen is a RYT200 and when she is not on the mat, you can find her behind the camera. Karen is a professional commercial and advertising photographer working under her byline, Karen E. Segrave. 



Terri began practicing yoga regularly five years ago, and quickly felt the many mental, emotional, and physical benefits. Yoga has helped her in so many ways, and she has the desire to share that gift with others. She believes that everyone can benefit from practicing yoga. 

In addition to being an RYT200, Terri teaches AP Psychology at North Little Rock High School. She is a National Board Certified Teacher, and has a Master of Arts.


 Laura loves the nurturing community at BYN. She has been practicing yoga for 12 years, and appreciates how yoga can build strength and flexibility for the body and mind.  

Laura also has a Ph.D. in Public Policy, and works as an Associate Professor with the UA Cooperative Extension Service. She is an Accredited Financial Counselor, and Certified Volunteer Manager. 


Amy began her yoga journey in 2014 when she walked into BYN and found her yoga family. She loves movement and has been active in sports, dance, running, CrossFit and Pilates, but found something new and fulfilling in the mind/body connection of yoga.  She's always working to deepen her own practice, build strength and move in mindfulness, and hopes to share her knowledge with others on their mat.

In addition to being an RYT200, Amy is a freelance writer and magazine editor. She's happiest with the sun on her face and her hands in the dirt, working in the garden.



Laura began practicing yoga at BYN in 2017. It became a road to healing for her physically, mentally, and spiritually.  So much so that it transformed her life. Experiencing that change made her want to share it with others as an instructor. In addition to being an RYT200, Laura has her masters in Education in Reading, and a BA in Early Childhood Education. She currently teaches through Drama Kids in Little Rock, and loves spending time with friends and family. 



Nicole believes in the healing power of connection, holding space, and cultivating community. She rolled out her mat at BYN, and it felt like home. She flows with the dance of the breath as she discovered what it means to find strength, grace, and power within movement. 

Nicole is an RYT500, and a Certified Personal Trainer. She chases dogs, a toddler, and a career she can infuse with creativity and passion. She finds freedom on the mat, in words, food, and creating something sweet within the ordinary.



Rebecca is an RYT200, and has practiced yoga since 2003. She began teaching yoga in 2016. In addition to being an instructor, she has a BA in Communication and MS Psychology.




Blue Yoga Nyla and the practice of yoga has been an important tool in Lisa’s own healing journey. As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in training, Lisa comes equipped to provide a safe space for her students. She cherishes that she can be herself at BYN, and strives to provide the same ease for her students. Lisa invites the open opportunity to have a felt experience on the mat as we meet ourselves where we are in our journey today.


Joy Reed began practicing yoga after injuring her back twenty years ago. In yoga, she found not only relief from pain but a new passion. She has taught Hatha Yoga since 2004. Her classes combine modern technique with traditional yogic sensibility. In addition to being a RYT200, she is an author and historian who has taught history at the college level and has published 22 historical romances and mystery novels.


Jeni's first time at BYN was a Christmas Eve class and everything about the practice and the studio felt like home. The gift kept on giving as yoga continued opening doors in her life resulting in a rewarding personal practice and the opportunity for YTT. Jeni has a love for connecting people with their dreams by finding their passion and having the courage to design a life that brings unspeakable joy.



Jason is an RYT 200 and has been officially teaching yoga since 2019. An avid practitioner of mixed martial yoga,he believes in constantly discovering your edge, and returning to the stillness of the subtle-center. Always learning, every breath is a new beginning.